BIOTA North Atlantic

BIOTA North Atlantic

  • Discover the wildlife that inhabits the waters of the North Atlantic and the Arctic.
  • Create food chains and webs.
  • Experience the environmental threats caused by humans.
  • Protect the environment through ecological innovations.
  • Co-operative and competitive game modes from age 8, for 2 to 8 players.

Explore the marine ecosystems of the North Atlantic.

In the course of the game, you can learn about 55 creatures that show an overall picture of the wildlife of the area. In nature and in this game, these creatures serve as prey for each other. Build relations based on food so that all species can survive. When the natural food chain breaks, it endangers other creatures.
Here you can learn more about the various creatures.

Experience the destruction caused by mankind.

We present 16 kinds of threats by what means people destroy living beings. There are direct dangers and global signs of human activity, both are equally dangerous to living beings.
Here you can learn more about the threats.

Use your environmental potential and protect the ecosystem.

We have listed 26 kinds of actions that can affect the wildlife and by applying them you can prevent and overcome the dangers before they destroy the living beings.
Here you can learn more about the environmental potentials.
Each creature card shows what the animals eat, on the basis of which the food chains may be built in the game.
The threat cards show what creatures they destroy. There are two types of destruction: either all creatures on the card perish (in the example it’s the Blue mussel) or they destroy every creature that belongs to a certain group (in the example all pink creature cards).
The eco cards show which threat cards they can neutralize.

Family game mode

Each player is a Geospirit who is trying to protect a crumbling wildlife of an aquatic area. In the natural environment, creatures, dangers, and eco developments could be summoned, depending on what comes into your hands. If you are clever enough, you can also benefit from the dangers. In each round we put 5 cards in the middle, to which the players add 2-2 cards simultaneously and evaluate the resulting environment. Dangers must be neutralized by eco-developments and creatures must be fed. Each player separately collects the cards that have been used in successful tasks to determine who is the most skilled at the end of the game.

Cooperative game mode

The ocean is dying, and despite the eco-innovations the life of marine creatures are still exposed to irresponsible human activities and their consequences. The Geospirits join together in an attempt to rescue the living creatures. They have to arrange them in a way so that they can be fed. They need to recognize the dangers in time to prevent destruction. Are they smart enough to make up for the damages caused by human activities as well? Players put their cards in a shared “environment”. In this environment there are already some creatures, threats and eco cards. Threat cards must be neutralized with eco cards and creatures must be fed. All living beings in the environment must be taken care of, which is a difficult task. Players may negotiate with each other about the cards to be played and in what order. The threats that have resulted in the destruction of the wildlife, along with the perished creatures are collected in a separate deck; the number of cards here represents the destiny of the world.

Strategy Game Mode

As an environmentalist increase biodiversity in marine reserves while trying to neutralize the damages caused by humans. The playing field is the “Ocean” where the creatures, threats and eco cards are sorted in three rows and five columns. This is the place where creatures may perish due to a potential threat. The continuous downward movement of the cards brings a unique mechanism to the field of the game. The special ability of eco cards brings new variety and strategic element to the game. With the various features of eco cards you can handle a single threat, either globally or locally, thus increasing your victory points. However, most of the points are gained by building your food chains in the reserves.

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Geospirit Games is a community of developers, whose members would like to harmonise the enjoyment of the game with personal development, the individual with society, dissemination of knowledge with relaxation. The members of our team were brought together in 2017 by the love of game and nature. Our aim is to get as many people as possible to know the world of Biota North Atlantic. From the initial idea, we have learnt a lot about the nature and the human being’s impact on it. Our personal decisions and changes in our lifestyle have accompanied the development of the game which made us realize that as consumers we have significant power to shape the future, and that every decision we make is a vote at the same time. Our game is beyond the world of fantasy. It brings fantasy, opportunities, and knowledge to the table of the game. While it entertains you it also explores our option to protect the environment. During having fun you meet interesting creatures, get to know their eating habits. Whether you choose the cooperative or competitive method, the competitive spirit is present in both of them. We have developed game modes for family, strategic and environmental education to find players in any situation of life. To convert the idea into reality cooperation is also vital. Learn the game and if you like it join our community funding campaign. You can subscribe for our campaign and share our social networking sites.

Our mutual project

Crowdfunding is the business potential of the community. The great advantage of community funding is that we can create fantastic things from the trust and a little investment of the people. From this trust, this investment and our work, we create a product. We laid down these conditions by founding the company, developing the game and pre-financing the graphic works. In exchange for your support You will receive our product, the Biota North Atlantic card game. The theme and the mechanism of our game promote environmental responsibility.

We have invited a lot of environmental organizations to spread the news of our game. The more of you support the project, the more support we can give back to environmental organizations.
The budget of the game is designed in a way that we refund 2% of the incoming support to the environmental organizations involved in the campaign when we reach the minimum amount, (namely 10,000 GBP) needed to implement the game. The more orders we receive, the more support we can transfer back. If we get the double, then we can give 4% of the revenue to the NGOs. Above that every 1000 orders brings 1% increase to the contributors up to 10%.